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Written by on June 7, 2022

Womsga  is giving small businesses an exclusive advantage above the competition. This company provides all the benefits, and features larger companies like Angie’s List, Home Advisor, Groupon, Realtor.com, Offer Up, Classified Ads, and Eventbrite has to offer, but at an astonishing fraction of the cost. The company has been around since 2010. More, and More business owners are beginning to find out about it. It’s gained popularity from “Word-Of-Mouth”.  It’s called “Womsga”, which is an acronym for “Word of Mouth South, Great Advertising”. It’s an All-in-One business listings search directory no other business listings company can compete with– its niche is that it only allows “Local Small Businesses” to list their business in it’s directory. That’s right corporate America, your business is not welcomed in this directory– Not even franchises are welcomed. This directory is “Exclusive” to “Small, and Local businesses”. It’s the newest online service provider that’s making advertising more affordable for small business owners. The company has been around, and online since 2010, but of course, it took some time for businesses to take notice. It’s the only company providing small businesses with advertising, marketing, and promotions under the same roof, and at the same cost. No business owner has seemed to be able to pass on this company’s membership offers. They even bundled their services for an extended period of time for at an even lower price to ensure that small businesses are able to afford some cost of advertising. That’s not all, this company offers small businesses the opportunity to form a partnership with them to receive even more free services.[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgzOyYZBA-M[/embedyt]All membership packages include, online and offline advertising, marketing, and promotions. Businesses literally don’t have to do anything once they join. Everything their business needs will be provided to them, including distributions, a lifetime of support, and business consulting at no additional cost. The other advantage small businesses are given when they join, is the ability to utilize their profile as a website, saving them even more money on having to have a website developed, designed, or built. Each member profile is packed with all the basic features of a website, including the ability to create photo albums, upload audio files, display you tube videos, create coupons, and even list classified ads from within their accounts. Businesses can post up to 100 features in 18 different categories. The highest membership plan is only $300 a year, and the lowest plan is just $60 a year. They do offer other membership levels to choose. For a Limited Time, they’ve extended their VIP Membership for 5 years, this means businesses can join for just $300, and don’t have to pay for 5 years to renew their membership. Even better, their “Fixed Price Promise” Guarantees that you lock in the renewal rate at the same rate you signed up with, even if it was a promotion. Even if you cancel your membership, and decide to come back in a year, two years, or even five years,  no matter how long you’ve been away, you’re still able to come back at the same price. On top of all that, you still reap all the benefits the company has to offer. The “5 Year Membership” offer was presented due to business growth statistics that it could take up to three to five years before small businesses see any profits. With these facts presented, the company decided to go even further to help take the financial load off of small businesses with it’s 5 year plan. Not surprisingly, everyone is talking about this company, because no one has ever seen, or heard of such offers like this. No Gimmicks! No small print! No Scams! No Catch! “Now is definitely the time to join Womsga. Even if it’s just to lock in the low rate. It’s worth the investment to take action now before the prices of membership increase”, says Doris Flewellen, Senior Director of Public Relations, Marketing and Communications”

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V01Hha4JVDI[/embedyt]


Fixed Price PROMISE      |      Service Exclusivity GUARANTEE

The company proudly stands behind its Fixed price promise and service exclusivity guarantee of their services as mentioned on their website. They promise to ensure their prices never increase, and their services will always be exclusive to local small businesses. They offer these promises to every member business they verify, and qualify with service.


Partnering with this company has it rewards! As a partner your advertisements come at an astonishing discount, or possibly even FREE! Simply choose a partner plan that fits your small business needs, and your advertisement costs are on them. Complete the form below, and they will mail you your “Partner Packet”, which also will include steps to redeem your “Free Advertisements”. If you’d like to speak to a representative, and have any questions, or concerns, give them a call Toll free at 877-392-8222 or Local at 1-561-877-1283


  • Free social media marketing & advertisement (1 post, advert per social media account, per week. Facebook, Instagram, Google+ & Twitter)
  • Free Flyer distributions (up to 1,000 flyers per month)
  • Free Facebook and Instagram sponsored advertisement
  • Free spotlight business article and Press Release distribution
  • Spotlight Ad placements via www.womsga.com, www.1800womsga.com, and all affiliate websites)
  • Professional audio voice over (Use in radio ads, or on your website)
  • Free Word-Of-Mouth via the sales teams worldwide


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