Broadcast Live From Your Location

Broadcast Live from your location

Make an impressive impression! Broadcasting from your location is one of MRR Media’s unique ways of attracting new customers to your business. When people see the MRR Tent it immediately draws attention to your business. Nearby neighbors, residential and commercial, and cars driving by will all be at attention at the sight of an actual radio station on-air at your location. Our “Broadcastings on Location” are 98% an effective advertising solution for any business.​

What you Get?

The most commonly asked questions we get asked about our Live broadcastings are, “What is included, what actually comes with the broadcast? Well, included are the following:​

  • Live DJ, and Radio Personality- The DJ, and Radio personality work together to give your broadcast that real LIVE feel. When people tune into MRR online they will hear our regular scheduled broadcast except it’ll be airing LIVE right from your location.​
  • Contests, Giveaways & Prizes- The Radio personality will conduct  contests, and, or giveaways, and award winners with prizes of your product, or services (Coupons, discounts, company t-shirt, free movie passes, etc.) to attract listeners to your location.​
  • Street Team- 2-3 distributors will stand on the corners, intersections, or go door-to-door within a 1000Ft radius of your business handing out your flyers, coupons, or whatever materials you wish to distribute to the local area. (Minimum 1,000 Flyers)​
  • Commercial Ad, and mention- Your business will receive ongoing advertisement spots throughout our broadcasts, online, live, and on-air.​
  • Free Distribution services (1 Month)- We will distribute an additional 1,000 of your business flyers, and or business cards during other live broadcastings, at local events, and include them in our giveaway “Goody bags”. ($150 Value)​

Sounds GOOD? We thought so!

If you’d like to schedule a LIVE BROADCAST at your location, please fill-out the form on the right, and a representive will contact you within- 24-48 hours. If you do not hear from us by then, please shoot us an email at, or Call: 786-

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