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Your Donation Helps a community of children, and families get meals, receive housing assistance, get holiday gifts, after school care and school supplies.

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Community assistance is always needed. There are many programs throughout states, and communities that aide in their local communities, but sometimes funding is exhausted, and goods depleted due to the demand for assistance.

Our Community Action

WMRR is stepping in to accommodate those families whose community funding programs are temporarily out of funds and supplies. We’ve stepped up to step in until these centers have received new funding and are restocked.

What Your Donation Is Used For

Daily Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner)
School Clothing and Supplies
Childcare & Afterschool Care Assistance
Bills (Deposits, Rent, Mortgage, Utilities)
Car Insurance, Mobile Phone service
Internet (For Families with children)
Gas, and minor car services
Transportation (Work, Supermarket, Doctor Appts)

Unfortunately, communities are suffering due to unexpected circumstances, unemployment, economic disasters, and long-term illnesses, and inflation. Your donations help us help these communities with what they need until their situations change.

“Now is not the time for judgment, now is the time to do something that has real purpose that will change someone’s outlook on life. We’re here to give people hope, give them reason to want to live, and not give up. Our efforts to step in to help local communities in need is not about us. We are simply allowing God to use us as his vessels to aide in the help of his children”
–Ms. Ross

We ask that you join us in our efforts. Put your pride to the side, forget about what might have caused these communities to suffer, and simply help these families as if it were you in need of help.

“Put the shoe on the other foot, and think for a moment if it were you, would you want someone to help you”

Your Contribution Will Help a Family in Need

Let us know what you’d like your donation to be used for


You don’t have to worry about your donation being misused. Our secure gateway through paypal even ensures that we are living up to our promise. Paypal monitors all donations, and reports whether those proceeds are being utilized accordingly. Your contribution is sincerely appreciated.

WMRR is a station of integrity. We pride ourselves on the principle of “Doing What’s Right. Doing Right by Others”.


(We try to honor your requests to put your donation where you request it to go, but we also prioritize your donation, and apply it towards the things families are in need of the most. ALL CONTRIBUTIONS ARE NEEDED.

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