Host Your Own Show


If you’re ready to start your own podcast show, but don’t have the start-up funds to purchase the equipment you need, that’s where we come in.

Hosting Plans start at just $60 a Month – $450 A Month. All Plans include, free social media promotions, free marketing, free promotions, free production and editing and ongoing support!

Speak with a station coordinator to discuss your options to get your show on-air. Walk-In Rate $50/Hr.


podcast is a show made available on the internet for streaming or downloading to a mobile phone, computer, or device. Podcasts are typically available as a series and listened episodically (by episode). Most podcast shows reach an audience of 5,000 to 100,000 listeners per episode. Some have a reach over 1MM.

A radio show is broadcasted via the air waves using radio frequency. Most radio shows only reach the geographical area they serve, but large syndicated shows are aired on multiple stations across the country. The reach of a radio show depends on how populous the area is they are broadcasting too. Most radio shows have capabilities to reach millions of listeners.




Available Hosting Airtime Rates. If you don’t see an airtime slot that fit your schedule, please tell us what you need.

To secure the day & time you prefer. You MUST pay your first month in advance. You can submit payment via Zelle or Cashapp: $Wmrronair

Put “Your show name” in the For Box. Be sure your time slot has been approved BEFORE submitting deposit payment.

We must confirm the availability of your desired day, and time  before accepting payment to ensure that the day & time you requested is available. If you have any  questions or concerns, please feel free to call/text Ms. Ross: 786-399-6288 PLEASE NO PERSONAL CALLS, OR TEXT. “Serious Business Inquiries Only”

Not Ready? But, don’t want to loose a good spot, Reserve Your Slot!

Note: Reservation fees will be applied to your 1st month, or week. Reservation Fees are refundable upon 30 day notice from the date of payment, and non-refundable thereafter. Requests for extensions must be put in writing within two weeks of reservation expiration. DO NOT reserve a time (submit payment) before speaking to the PD (Program Director) to be sure your time is available!

SCHEDULE TRAINING & BRIEFING: You can attend your training/briefing, anytime. We recommend you take the training prior to going on air to ensure your knowledge of our streaming system.

1 Hr/Wkly

I Hour Weekly Show

2 Hr/Wkly

I Hour Weekly Show

3 Hr/ Wkly

I Hour Weekly Show


The plans below are for serious podcasters. If you’re serious about your podcast, and you want to treat your podcast like a full-time business. You want to be on-air everyday of the week to be able to capitalize from selling advertising spots to your listeners, and local businesses.

4 Hour Weekly Show
4 Hour, 5 Days A Week

NOTE: Any guest(s) that appear on your show more than 2 times a month will be considered am additional co-host and your hosting plan price will be adjusted according to the new number of hosts participating on your show on a weekly to semi-weekly basis.

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