Angie Smith / Radio Personality/Event Host

If you’re a Miami local then you know “Angie B Real”, she’s a woman that wears many hats, knows everybody, and always gets the job done. Born for this Music/Entertainment Industry, she’s the newest radio personality/Event host to join the WMRR family. Angie has been on her grind since she stepped foot in the station, and she hasn’t skipped a beat yet. She’s proven herself to be an asset to this station, and has continued to let her grind speak for itself.

A social media influencer, you may have seen her FB Live where she’d go Live every afternoon with a segment she called, “Hood ESPN” where she reported on the high school football games, spoke on the drama, and gossip that goes on in the hoods of Miami, and addressed whatever issue she felt needed to be addressed.


Angie’s Favorite Quote

“Cross those T’s, and Dot those I’s with your ugly ass.” ~ Angie B Real

She’s definetely a radio personality in her own write. We can’t deny that she brings a different vibe, and sets the tone when she’s present.

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