DJ Kato / Disk Jockey

DJ Kato is one of the station’s on-call Dj’s. He’s a talented Disc Jockey that connect with listeners on our show. As a DJ, he’s responsible for engaging with listeners, queueing up playlists, presenting commercials, performing interviews, taking music requests, and generating interest in the show. He organizes station events, and MC public events and perform meet and greets.

Dj Kato has a natural charisma, a passion for music, and the ability to connect with people. A top-notch DJ who connects with our listeners through engaging talk content and social interaction.


  • Reviewing the weekly and daily playlist.
  • Ensuring music and commercials are played on schedule.
  • Introducing weather, traffic, and news presenters.
  • Taking music requests and engaging with listeners.
  • Responding to social media interactions.
  • Presenting on-air competitions.
  • Interviewing guests.
  • Presenting sponsored live events.
  • Mixing and playing music at sponsored events.
  • Presenting live on-air advertisements.


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