Will Seri’us / MC/Event Host

Will Seri’us has a natural ability to make an audience feel at ease and create a good atmosphere, he has an excellent speaking voice, is skilled at public speaking, and has strong time management skills. JTM is well-suited for people who enjoy being entertained and have a great sense of humor.

Will’s role involves giving speeches or presentations to an audience, monitoring the agenda to ensure the event runs smoothly, and introducing performers or speakers. He works part-time for WMRR Radio as a self-employed contractor of his own entertainment company, “Handle It All Productions”. He sometimes works evenings or weekends to accommodate our events.

Will Seri’us acts as an on-call Host/MC on behalf of WMRR Radio. He’s an excellent public speaker, can put an audience at ease, and is a spontaneous host at any occasion. JTM hosts events such as, awards ceremonies, business conferences, community events, nightclubs, and private occasions.

Will & Ms. Ross “The Boss”





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