Ms. Ross / Program Director

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“Ms. Ross” OWNER/ PROGRAM DIRECTOR/ Radio Personality.

Ms. Ross is the Owner, and the program Director of WMRR Radio. “Boss Lady” has become her alias around the station, because she’s the epitome of a leader. Her ambitions, determination, and dedication

Ms. Ross is in charge of the sound of the radio station. She manages the station’s programming and oversee the different departments and staff at the station to ensure that the station always sounds its best and suits the needs of its listeners.

Her plate is full, her duties include organizing promos, editing commercials, writing voiceover scripts, writing and editing the station’s blog articles,

making sure the DJs are informed about upcoming promos and station events, sitting in meetings, checking music logs to make sure they’re accurate, working with the Music Director to produce logs for the next day, coordinating interviews with celebrities and Musicians, and managing and scheduling programming.

Ms. Ross spends a lot of time “returning emails and calls, [dealing with] people calling for jobs and internships,” putting together promos, and doing voiceover work for the station’s sponsors and advertisers. She also deal with Publicists, evaluating which public figures will fit into the day’s schedule and appeal to listeners because anytime an interview goes over the air “you have to stop the music and people tune out. She has a huge responsibility to find the station’s  balance.”

She works with Station Managers, Operations Managers, Radio DJs, Music Directors and sometimes, Recording Groups, and she even hosts her own show right here on the station.


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