Ms. Ross is leveling up the playing field for entrepreneurs

Written by on January 15, 2024

Nationwide- “Ms. Ross” is not your ordinary businesswoman, she is known and well-respected as a revenue generator for creating multiple streams of income.

She has been establishing legitimate ways to earn income without any real start-up costs, capital, or investments. She prides herself on helping create self-sufficiency, and building solid financial foundations for single moms, the unemployed, families, and ordinary people who simply want to be independent.

Ms. Ross shares valuable business, social, and relationship advice everyday via her podcasts, and personal Facebook page, where she also personally responds to comments, and messages sent to her.

Those who are interested in her services and her free advice should follow her at you may also catch her on-air at WMRR Radio, Miami’s new #1 for Music, News, and Talk at 




Ms. Ross is credited as a marketing and PR wizard that helps local small businesses promote, advertise, and market their businesses without a budget–

In some cases, she has been able to help entrepreneurs, and small businesses across the world establish an online presence, build customer relationships, and even allocates them the ability to generate additional revenue, as well as earn residual streams of income within their existing business structure.

“Operating a business is more than just providing a service to consumers”, says Ms. Ross.

The average person doesn’t take into consideration that most businesses are operated solely by the business owner/entrepreneur. This is not unusual considering the fact that people are really just “stepping out on faith and putting their trust and hopes in God” to change their present financial circumstances– Almost every entrepreneur and new business opening today are literally starting with little, or no start-up costs. Most of them are simply using their 9-5 incomes to financially support their businesses.


For those who don’t work a regular job, the day-to-day operations are even more challenging. This means the business isn’t relying on any capital investments, loans, or emergency funding. This “high risk” strategy threatens the longevity of the business before the business even opens its doors, or turns a profit. If there’s ever an untimely case of a financial hardship, it could immediately put the business, “Out-of-business”. Despite the risks, more, and more entrepreneurs are willing to take a chance simply because they are desperately seeking to get away from “the struggle”, get out of debt, or just want to make money just so they can live a decent life. This is why the risk, to them, is worth it, and not considered to be a risk at all.  Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs are seeking more ways to establish “multiple streams of income”, because one source of income just isn’t cutting it anymore”.


Running a business is not easy, but Ms. Ross has created multiple unique ways to generate an income. Her “money making” opportunities allows for anyone to earn a living from the comforts of their own home, and with minimum start-up costs. One of her PR strategies she implements in her efforts is also helping businesses get their stories, services, and products published in various newspapers, magazines, and blogs across the country. She also helps them get potential interviews on radio and TV stations that have potential customer based audiences.
“Small business are essential to economic growth,” Ms. Ross says. “But there aren’t enough larger companies willing to offer their services, information, lower their costs, or even barter their services to help small businesses stand out in the crowd to reach their customers. What I’ve created are simple strategies to help small business owners affordably and effectively reach their markets, and grow their businesses.”


Ms. Ross started her entrepreneurship in the year 2000, and licensed her first venture in 2003.

She has grown the company significantly to also include various income generating services, brands, and products (like and where she provides even more opportunities for unlimited income potential. She also has a huge presence on social media, and is an active contributor to several popular Facebook groups, businesses and organizations.

Here are a few entrepreneurial opportunities that have helped entrepreneurs get started. Thanks to Ms. Ross’s “Real bosses create bosses” motto, creativity, and generosity new entrepreneurs have a few more starting options.

Ms. Ross says that she considers herself to be an advocate for small businesses, because she’s passionate about small business growth, obsessed with small businesses staying in business, and wants to ensure that all small businesses prosper. “My goal is to at least help people turn their talents, and skills into a reliable source of income, but I usually don’t just stop there– I’m always pushing my clients to the next level, which is setting a goal to reaching that six figure mark.  I practice what I preach, therefore, I too have followed these same strategies, set the same goals, and as a result, have had a few of my dreams come true, but I’m still dreaming, so I won’t be retiring anytime soon.


She goes on to state, “Life is about living, if you’re just working to survive, you’re only existing on this earth. I don’t believe that God created paradise for us not to see it. Everyday of our lives should be comfortable, peaceful, like heaven on earth”. I like to paint this visual in the thoughts, and minds of my clients to motivate them to continue striving to reach their goals. I also remind them that they don’t really have to “work hard”, just “work smarter”. technology has made that very possible, therefore the saying “work harder” to me, only means, “don’t give up”, because when you’re doing what you love to do, it’s not like “work” at all.

Lastly, but not least, and probably, not all…to add to her list of entrepreneurial expertise, she’s also the Program Director, and Owner of WMRR Radio, LLC.– That’s right! We wanted to save this one for last… As a matter of fact, our sources confirmed that she’s the FIRST “Woman” owned radio station in Broward County, Florida, and could possibly be the only “Woman” owned station in the entire South Florida. (This has not yet been confirmed, but we will update you upon our fact findings).

Nevertheless, Ms. Ross is definitely an asset to the business world,  an inspiration to many who’ve been blessed to cross her path, and a valuable resource to starting your own business.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, or small business owner, and are interested in her services, or would like to speak with her briefly, she’s available Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm to discuss business related matters.  “Serious Inquiries Only”. Want to spotlight your business on her radio station, Free? Click Here


NEW 2024 Business Opportunity

In 2024, Ms. Ross founded a new business venture that is offering a unique opportunity for individuals to capitalize on her successful radio station. This opportunity allows ordinary people to become independently licensed business consultants with the company. The best part is that they get to keep 100% of the revenues generated.

With a licensing fee starting at just $100, this model provides an accessible alternative to traditional franchising. Ms. Ross recognized that franchising often comes with a hefty upfront investment that is unattainable for many households.

As a result, she decided to offer a licensing model that enables individuals to generate wealth through her proven business model. If you are interested in exploring this opportunity further or have any questions, visit

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