Music Sponsorships

WMRR “Radio Interviews” are music sponsorships. Sponsoring a segment on the show is crucial to artist, bands, and musicians. MRR Media Group takes pride in helping music sponsors get the recognition, and placement they need to put their music in front of their fans and followers. “Artist/Musician Interviews” provide artist/musicians with a variety of music promotions, ongoing social media marketing, and website placement.


  • We charge a $200 sitting fee. 
  • Interview duration: 1 Hour

Why do you charge a sitting fee?

Effective July 1, 2021: In consideration of the Services provided to the artist/musician, the Client agrees to pay to the interviewer(s) the one-time “sitting” Fees, before the beginning of each interview  Period. This fee is a new requirement imposed by WMRR, and enforced by MRR Media Group.  We value our time as we do our artist, sponsors, and advertisers. This fee accommodates the host, and allow for us to provide you with the benefits that come with this package.


The Artist Radio Interview Package Include:

  • Artist promo video displayed on our website
  • Artist video permanently displayed on our YouTube channel
  • Artist flyer, and music video displayed on our website
  • Artist song placed in rotation, and Added to a playlist for future spins
  • Artist interview highlight posted on our stories, reels, FB & IG pages
  • Artist interviews permanently highlighted on our website carousel
  • Artist song & Music video Added to our Music Charts, Free!
  • Artist receives 1 Year free Membership in our Indie Artist Directory at 
  • Get $25 OFF WMRR Conferences, Seminars, and Workshops
To schedule, and lock in your interview, please Cashapp: $WMRRONAIR (Put your artist/Alias name in “For” box)

Note: If you wish to pay cash we will expect to receive it before the interview, otherwise the interview will be immediately cancelled.

IMPORTANT: Cash payments DO NOT secure your interview date. Pre-paid interviews receive TOP Priority. Example: You, your agent, manager, or representative assures us that you will be present for an interview scheduled with an on-air talent, but you didn’t pre-pay, and another artist wants that same day, and time slot, and he/she submits payment via cashapp, you automatically lose your interview date to that paid artist. NON-Prepaid interviews are handled as “Standby” availability.

Please arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your interview. We will send you 3 available interview dates for you to choose.  As a courtesy: If for any reason the host is running late we will provide you with a 20% discount.
You will be required to send us the following information prior to your interview: This information must be received within 1 day prior to your interview, or up to 1 hour prior.
1. Cover Art (Recommended size 1280 X 720. Max File Size 20MB. 3MB For GIF.)
2. Song MP3
3. Music Video MP4 (Short music video/Promo Clips. Recommended size 1280 X 720. Max File Size 200MB. Max Video Length 5 Minutes)
4. Any questions you’d like the interviewer to ask (Email/Text specific questions to:
If you have any further questions, please Call/Text: 786-399-6288, and let us know. We look forward to meeting you.
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Other Service Descriptions:

(These services DO NOT include features in the “Artist Interview Package”)


Sponsor “Artist” gets 1 mention up to 1 minute, and a plug that tells audience where they can go to listen to the artist’s music. This package is great for advertising and promotions.


Artist has the opportunity to have his/her song placed on our music charts for a chance to be nominated for our annual Radio Music Awards. Artist must inform their fans/followers to go to our website, and vote for them in each category. 


Artist songs are placed in rotation FREE for 24 hours upon screening, and approval. Songs MUST be radio ready, and up to industry standard. If your song is accepted you will be notified as to when to expect your song to begin playing on our station. (See Airtime rates here)


Sponsor “Artist” gets (1) mention, and is interviewed via phone by calling into the show. This segment includes, plug, and gives sponsor a chance to engage with the audience from anywhere within the U.S.


Sponsors “Artist” are given 15 minutes of airtime, which includes a phone interview. Artist also receives (2) .15 sec song snippet spins, and/or album/project mentions during the duration of segment, and an opportunity to shout out social media platforms.


Sponsor “Artist” are given 30 minutes of airtime (In the studio), has 3 mentions during the duration of segment, is given the opportunity to engage with the audience, attract new fans and followers, and interviewed LIVE On the air! (


Artist co-host a LIVE segment with “The Weekend Rush Hour Crew”. The show focuses more on the artist’s project, and/or upcoming shows. It allows artist the opportunity to engage with listeners, and chop it up with the crew. Artist are heard across 2 counties, and 5 cities.


Sponsors “Artist” are given 1 hour of airtime (In-station) to co-host a LIVE segment alongside the crew. During this hour the crew focuses solely on the artist, and his/her project, and is given the opportunity to engage with listeners, answer related questions, and interviewed ON-AIR

SEND CASHAPP PAYMENTS FOR THESE SERVICES TO: $WMRRONAIR (Note: If interested in two, or more of these services, Please contact us before submitting any payments.) cALLE/tEXT: 786-399-6288 or Send email inquiry to:

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