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You do little to no work. Just mention our station during random conversation, post a flyer or two once a day or once per week, send out a quick text or email of one of our pre-made marketing templates, and start talking about our radio station and start earning the same day.

Tap into the Billion Dollar Industry of radio

“Is this legit, for real?” Yes, absolutely it is!

Thousands of entrepreneurs, stay-at-home moms, college students and sales professionals have joined our licensing community and are making money from our radio station’s  sales today —If they can all make money from us, you can too

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Thanks to our unique licensing alternative, there’s a new way to getting in on online profits in just a few days. Course material is optional. It doesn’t take weeks or months to learn this business”.

The below projected ROI are based on weekly sales averaging $1,500/Wk. $1,500x #Weeks =ROI

Economy License

New Entrepreneur

$100/6 monthss
  • 100% Profits for 6 months
  • Projected $39,000 ROI
  • Instant Profit Payout
  • Official WMRR Partner

Pro License

Experienced Entrepreneur

$500/3 years
  • 100% Profits for 3 Years
  • Projected $234,000 ROI
  • Instant Profit Payouts
  • Official WMRR Partner

Enterprise License

Trained Entrepreneur

$300/12 months
  • 100% Profits for 1  year
  • Projected $78,000 ROI
  • Instant Profit Payouts
  • Official WMRR Partner

“Our Business Licensing Alternative allows you to bypass the traditional  start-up costs, time and management and jump right into making money from an already existing company. Eliminating all the work it takes to start a business from scratch”.

This is it, if you follow our business licensing guide and use our presentation, marketing materials and the tools we give you. We guarantee you’ll be able to at least make $300 a day and see profits start to generate in less than a week. That’s how confident we are about our business model.

We’ve eliminated responsibilities that would normally take weeks or months to complete down to a few days so you can just jump right into making money. We literally have done 90% of the work for you.

Depending upon your drive, you could really go hard and make as much as $1,000 a day. It’s no pressure! You still have the potential and capabilities to break even and bring in, at least $300 a day. No matter how much money you set out to make, you’re still ahead of the game and steps ahead of the rest, because you found out about us, first.

Long-Term Licenses

The below Licenses are for those entrepreneurs looking to generate passive income  long-term to build wealth for  retirement.

Bronze License

Qualified Entrepreneurs

$1,000/12 mos
  • 10% Pofits for 12 mos
  • Earn 1% Kickback
  • Instant Profit Payout
  • Official WMRR Partner

Gold License

Driven Entreprenuers

$5,000/5 years
  • 50% Profits for 5 yrs
  • Earn 5% Kickback
  • Instant Profit Payouts
  • Official WMRR Partner

Silver License

Motivated Entrepreneurs

$2,000/2 yrs
  • 20% Profits for 2 Yrs
  • Earn 2% Kickbacks
  • Instant Profit Payouts
  • Official WMRR Partner

Launch your own WMRR Radio Station: An Alternative to Franchising

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