She Said It

MsRossRadio February 21, 2020

She Said It! Raw, uncut, and straight to the point. This podcast is unscripted, and unedited. Ms. Ross speaks with passion, and aggression, and some misunderstand this expression, and may confuse it with her being hostile, unreasonable, Biased, and Male bashing.

She Said It– Is a podcast spin-off of the “Ms. Ross Radio” broadcast show that airs every Friday from 7PM-9PM on WMRR radio. The radio show broadcasts across social media via FB & IG Live, and is recorded, and archived on Youtube, and shared as pre-recorded shows after the live tapings.

She Said It– takes a more explicit, and transparent approach to Ms. Ross Radio. While her radio show is programmed like traditional radio, with commercial breaks, music, and sponsored advertisements. Her podcast show has no interruptions, and is played straight through.


#PressPlay “Your Child support Isn’t Enough” Ms. Ross doesn’t hold back her feelings about dads who complain about paying child support to their BMs.

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