Symphony is an Orchestra of Many Talents: A Miami Rising Star Has Arrived

Written by on February 19, 2024

Miami is not just a melting pot of cultures and diversity, it’s secrets and hidden gems are more than just news headlines and authentic restaurants and bars. It’s home to thousands of talented and gifted artists and musicians whom the world has yet to discover. Gifted, because many of these artist learned their talent by seeing and hearing– No training, education or musical academies can take credit for the skills and abilities these artist possess. Just one year ago, this was the reality of one artist who’s dreamed her whole life of being a light to her community through the art and creativity of her soft toned, angelic vocals and her real life stories of faith, heartbreak and resilience.  Miami-Dade County, South Florida, is known by it’s long-time residents and lifelong natives, as the county that represents the entire city of Miami. If you ask anyone in Miami where they’re from, you won’t here them say, “Miami, Florida”, It’s “Dade County, Florida”. The loyalty residents hold to their community is undeniable, and never tried.

At first glance, it looks like the kind of environment one wouldn’t consider moving their families or relocating their businesses- the media likes to spin this town in a negative light, and that narrative has plagued the cities and counties of South Florida. Unless you’re from the area, known for frequenting the area, or have become a friend and neighbor of the locals in the area, then will you realize that this city is just as rewarding and worth visiting as many cities across this country. Tall corporate buildings overflowing with marketing and advertising billboards align downtown Miami and the Miami Beaches, lighting up the night sky like time square in New York city, vintage bars, upscale lounges, tropical style bars, resort style nightclubs, outdoor block party style venues and the typical mom and pop-neighborhood spots on every neighborhood corner, most favorable and familiar to the locals. The streets of any parts of South Florida are like a stream of unlimited entertainment that’s constantly flowing through the streets. In the midst of all the excitement and hype, you’re sure to discover a band of talent-from the solo female/male rap/hip-hop artist, to the solo R&B artists and groups whom represent their inner city territories- and “hoods”.

Symphony, is an entirely different orchestra. Like her name, she’s a symphony of real old school and new school R&B, combined with classic rap, mixed down and shaken together with a 2000’s hip-hop flow. Her vocal abilities and range are a unique blend of old soul and gospel tones in it’s own write.  She mimics the most talented major artist in the industry, but boldly stands in her own lane with her spin chilling, storytelling perspective on her real life betrayals, struggles and setbacks. Performing during a private listening party, debuting a few of her ballots and hip-hop bangers for a large crowd of fans, followers, bloggers, journalists, and music-industry types, whom all squeezed into the theatre style cathedral in North Miami to celebrate the release of “Y.A.S.”and  ‘Mo Gwap”, and watch her perform live, along with her fan favorite covers.  “I’m ready, I’ve never really felt like I was ready, Symphony told the crowd, but seeing you all here tonight and you’re here to see me, you are my inspiration. You all have given me a reason to embrace this gift and bless the world with it”.

Symphony is always laughing and smiling, she has a bubbly sense of humor and is silly at heart. She’s impressively stylish, and is always wearing the latest name brands, and even repping unknown black owned labels, in efforts to shed more light on local designers– a true supporter of her culture and community. A young entrepreneur, community advocate, role model and philanthropist.

Her strong cheekbones, Colgate smile and evenly toned melanated skin complexion highlights her features and compliments her natural beauty. Lighting up more than just the room when she steps onstage, she touches audiences in the heart and sets their souls on fire with her lyrical transparency, raw and uncut true stories.  Uplifting spirits, restoring hope and empowering women in every verse, chord, melody and chorus line.  A recent “One-on-one” spread in the YouNSpire magazine, described her presence as “inspiring” and said, “She was hand picked by God to inspire the world” Although her songs address issues such as heartbreak, betrayal, empowerment and the reality of when life throws you a curve ball, grief, her delivery has a way of softening the hardest hearts, reaching the unreachable and influencing the the hopeless. Her outward persona may exhibit a more serious side, but her personality sings, lovable, playful and endearing.

“I don’t know if any of you have had your heart broken or experienced something so traumatizing that made you want to give up on life”, Symphony said while staring the audience in their eyes, she continued by saying, “I’m going to inspire you all the way through your healing process”. Recently, on her social platforms, she invited new and old fans alike to attend her upcoming concerts and meet and greets if they wanted to be inspired and feel free from their present pains, even if it was only for a few hours.

Symphony grew up during the invasion of the Miami drug and violent crime spree era when fraud, including bank fraud, identity theft and criminals dominated the inner cities and terrorized anyone who wasn’t from Miami. Symphony was raised by a single mother, who was no stranger to the streets or a rookie to the crimes that were taking place. From the outside looking in, it may have seemed that her mother was her only lifeline, when in fact, her father has also, always played a significant role in her life. Although serving a 40 year prison sentence, and has served almost the entire duration of that sentence, during symphony’s entire life, her father, still managed to be an influence in her life, He never waivered in his support of her, even while incarcerated. The other half of her fanbase, he too, is one of her biggest fans. Her father has continued to push symphony to her highest potential despite his present circumstances–using his own shortcomings and mistakes as an example to keep her motivated, focused and determined to be the difference in their family dynamic. Encouraging her to be better than himself, and challenging her to be a better example than he, or her mother.

Clearly beautiful, on the outside, her spirit is even more beautiful on the inside. She has the look, that picture perfect, dramatic face that’s designed for album covers; she also has an amazing body, one that she doesn’t use to promote her music, although her fans are anticipating a Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion or Beyonce style album cover, that highlights and illuminates her curves and assets, she humbly continues to use her voice and lyrical abilities to sell her records.  Born to impact the world, using a gift only God can give, she is definitely a ‘Girl on fire” and a woman who’s destiny was orchestrated by a higher power.

Making her film debut in several independent films, her most recent body of work was her role in the award nominated series “Predestined” directed by Award winning director Aaron Avant Johnson. The film debuted on Tubi, and has made it’s way to Apple T.V., Amazon Prime and various streaming platforms worldwide.

Predestined is a Urban Musical series about a Preacher’s kid turned R&B Star who faces her dark truth’s after her mother’s death. Download The Predestined App Today, available in your Play store. An Aaron Avont Johnson Original Series.


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