The Real Soldier Boy Stands Up; Trap Bumpin; Doin Numbers

Written by on February 26, 2020

Atlanta rapper, “Soldier Boy”–The REAL “Soldier Boy is standing up to claim credits that are past due. With hits like, “Trap Bumpin”; Doin Numbers under his belt, his rap career is literally “Doin Numbers” in the streets of Atlanta, and gaining rave reviews across social media. Also known for his viral social media memes, this Atlanta native is kicking down industry doors, and making his way to the top with, or without Hollywood’s approval. With over 50,000 followers on Instagram, and climbing; David “Soldier Boy” Gresham has become a social media sensation.

From a life of crime, and prison to a fiery Music career, and acting, and appearing in popular independent films, and box office films like Ice Cubes barber shop. David Gresham is a very interesting character with a very interesting back story.

For years fans across the world has known only one rapper that goes by the name “Soulja Boy”. This rapper has sold millions of records, has made a household name for himself, and is even responsible for viral videos that once took the world by storm. Are you guys familiar with “Yooouuu, crank that soldier boy”? Well, although fans were captivated by this new kid on the block when he first hit the scene, what many didn’t know is that he actually got his name from another well-known rapper coming up in Atlanta.

For many years, and still til this day– this artist has taken claim to the name, “Soulja Boy”. But, is he the “Real” soulja Boy?. What would inspire one rapper to take on the name of another rapper even though that rapper’s name is already hot in the streets? This is the question that has raised a lot of interest in what the rapper who’s making these allegations have to say.

David Gresham, the “Real” Soldier Boy started his mission to reclaim his name, and make sure fans across the world know that he is the original, and “Real” author behind the famous name we all were introduced to a few years ago by DeAndre Cortez Way, better known as “Soulja Boy” Tell ‘Em or simply Soulja Boy. In September 2007, his debut single “Crank That” peaked at number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 making him the hottest rapper out at that time.

So, if DeAndre “Soulja Boy Tell Em” knew he was inspired to name himself after another well-known rapper in Atlanta–why did he not give this rapper credit? Although, DeAndre’s “stage name”, or rap name is spelled different from David’s rap name, the story behind the two rapper’s affiliation is what makes this story seem true. There’s actually a true life story that connects these two rappers, and proves that DeAndre actually did know David.

The REAL Soldier Boy Back Then

David Gresham was actually DeAndre;s step dad for a short period of time when DeAndre was younger. David dated DeAndre’s mom, and helped provide to support DeAndre “Soulja Boy” when he was just a boy. During this time DeAndre looked up to David as the well-known rapper coming up in Atlanta, and was inspired. Later, David was incarcerated on drugs and weapons charges, and DeAndre picked up where he left off, and started to pursue his own music career as a rapper.

The fact that David’s rap name during the time he dated DeAndre’s mother was “Soldier Boy” as it had always been since given to him by older heads in the neighborhood.–it’s hard to deny that the “Soulja Boy” we all know did in fact get the inspiration behind his name from David Gresham, better known as “The Real Soldier Boy”, who now goes by the name, “Soldier Gambino”. Was it that much of a coincidence? Naw, I don’t think so! Nevertheless, despite his setbacks, he’s on his way to a major come up. Be on the look out for “Soldier Gambino”, because he’s up next.

When I got back in the streets I caught several drug charges and weapons charges and ended up on the run facing a life sentence, while on the run hiding out in 2007 I heard about a young guy name “Soulja Boy” and his Crank Dat Super Man song and he was using my name it was just spelled different, shortly after this female I’d recently dated which was his Mother reached out to me and told me she named him after me because of the love and respect she had for me, I took as a compliment real talk I was so proud of him. My story DEEPER THAN RAP and many people would think I’d been done gave up on my dreams but I didn’t, God bless me out my trouble past now I’m back better than ever. I just want to tell my life story (NOT TO STIR UP ANY BEEF) I’m grown and humble my heart is pure, I just want to tell my story growing up on the streets of Atlanta selling drugs, robbing, you name it I done it. My past made me the Man I am today so stay tuned because I’m working on Movies, TV Shows, New Music and Comedy. All these years done went by and I never gave up now God is working in my favor. Amen”

-David Gresham, The Real Soldier Boy.

Artist BIO

Rap artist and song writer David “Soldier Gambino” Gresham was born on November 22, 1980 in Atlanta, Ga. In 1990, he discovered his talent to rap while performing at his elementary school Ralph McGill. Raised by a single mother, he and his three sisters lived in the heart of the city of Atlanta, in a community named Summerhill. His father died when he was two years old, which left him to become the man of the house.

The older guys named him “Soldier Boy” because he was a tough kid. David “Soldier Gambino” Gresham attended West Fulton Middle and Harper Archer High School, where he performed in every talent show each year and won them all, and made a name for himself through music. He is respected and is recognized for his dynamic ambition to become a successful rap artist and song writer. He was expelled from high school during his 12th Grade year. Soon after, he looked to the streets, but never lost focus on becoming a successful rap artist and song writer in the music industry. In 1997, he released his first singles “Straight Out The Atl” and “Balling Hard”. Atlanta was flooded with posters and cd’s, which started his journey to become a successful rap artist and song writer.

Yinka Adeboye and Oscar Clemons assisted Mr. Gresham in releasing his first album “I Am The Baddest ” in 1998. Soldier Gambino collaborated with Raheem the Dream and released the singles “The A” and “Let’s Get Gangsta” in the year 2000. In 2003, he joined the group “Stack Doe Boys” founded by Lamont Rashid and Zachary Scott Jr. whom released the group singles “Been Getting Money” and “Let’s Go”. While promoting and performing he was arrested on felony narcotic and firearm charges.

Mr. David Gresham was faced with a reality check, which lead to the decision to change his life style, and focus on his music career. Zachary Scott Jr. (Soldier’s best friend) was brutally murdered on July 24, 2006, and David “Soldier Gambino” Gresham went through a struggle to balance music, life’s challenges, and legal affairs. With assistance of Carl Harris Jr. in 2008, “My Time To Shine” and “Y’all In Trouble” was released. Focused, dedicated, and determined to become successful in the music industry, Soldier Gambino released several underground mixtapes titled “Gambino Mafia Family”, “The David Gresham Story” and “2 Hand Salute” in 2010.

All legal affairs ended for Mr. Gresham in 2011 with cases closed, leaving him a “free man”. A new underground mixtape was released in early 2013 titled “God Please Forgive Me”. Soldier Gambino is now promoting his newly released hit titled “TRAP BUMPIN”. Many have stories, but Soldier Gambino has a testimony. Follow him on IG @summerhillsoldiergambino

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