Miami Rapper AJG; will always be straight now talks; Big Facts

Written by on January 30, 2020

When Miami rapper Anthony Grant “AJG” drops a new single, the song is an instant attraction.  His songs get a few  hundred plays, then about a week later that number increases into the thousands.  Out of the mud, and on the strength of a collaboration  called “Let me know” featuring two of Miami’s upcoming artist,  Jahprince, and Blu. Jahprince is a rapper/singer/producer/engineer, and Blu is an amazing vocalist, and writer. I can not tell you how beautiful this man’s voice is, you’re just going to have to listen to AJG’s songs to find out for yourself. #Amazing

Following this HIT banger-the rapper went on to release two more popular tracks, “Different Man”, and “Always be straight”. The rapper is racking up new followers, and fans upon every track that drops, and has been rumored to be considered for a few local award nominations.

Anthony Grant’s rise is seemingly impressive. Just last year, 2017, he was just another artist coming off of a hiatus, and today he’s one in a crowd of upcoming local  hip-hop stars who are dominating the industry’s underground scene. Proving himself to be just as good, if not better than nearly half of the songs on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Today’s music scene has been thirsting for hip-hop to make a solid comeback, and Ajg has no doubt stepped on the scene with bottles of hip-hop swag, flavor, and juice.

With an increasing catalog of banging tracks, a team of talented producers and engineers, and a gifted, and rare skill to write his own lyrics, Ajg is on his way. The popularity of digital platforms like soundcloud, MRR marketplace, spotify, and Apple music has allowed the rapper’s career to skyrocket from it’s first debut on the music scene.

Anthony Grant “AJG” doesn’t stand alone, he’s affiliated with some of Miami’s most talented local artist, videoaugraphers, photographers, directors, and business leaders. His musical work ethic stems from professional business practices-habit. A successful business owner/partner of Fabric Pro, he, and his business partner Brandon Randolph, also an artist, with a beautiful voice I might add, are securing their financial futures the smart business man’s way. A lifestyle of club hopping, strippers, making it rain, and frivolus spending isn’t on these guys bucket list at all.

Life is good, and his music is soaring. Anthony is flying high in the hip-hop world with his ever so rising music career. With a successful career on the rise, and a thriving business, it’s surprising that he is as humble as he is. You don’t see too many “rap” artist with their heads on straight, priorities in order, and their business being handled professionally, which is why Ajg is such an interesting character. A mixed breed of African American, Puerto Rican, and Filipino he’s dominating in every aspect of his life. Family man, and father, he’s often seen enjoying the Miami nightlife with his family–How’s that for being humble, and appreciating Life.

Of course, I love when Anthony collaborates with his business partner, and one of his engineers who’re both so very talented. jahprince, and Blu-seen in the image on the right. (Jahprince L, Ajg M, Blu R). When these guys make music, it’s a sound I can’t explain. They bring R&B/Hip-Hop meets soul, funk, and 808s. It’s a sound that’s sure to make you cry, laugh,get in your feelings, or grab hold to the one you love, and just enjoy the moment.

The good news is, AJG, and Blu actually do have a new track called, “Right away” coming soon, so make sure you be on the look out for it at Check back frequent for updates– I don’t have to tell you that it’s HOT!!! Every song these guys create is an original track that is sure to go gold in it’s first week once mainstream media gets a hold of it. As a fan, all you have to do is contact your local radio station, and request the song. Major stations play what the people want to hear, so if an AJG track is what you want to hear on your local dial, then hit em up. You can definitely count on hearing all of AJG’s joints on WMRR Radio.

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