The V.E.L.I. Entertainment Champ Is Here

Written by on February 18, 2020

There’re so many artist in the music industry grinding to make their way to the top. You might think with so many artist stepping on the scene every year that it’s damn near impossible for any artist to stand out amongst the rest.

Some of these artist you may not have even heard of before, but don’t think that just because you never heard of them that they’re not coming. Remember, In 2018, the late Juice WRLD went from being a complete unknown to a Billboard Hot 100 mainstay in a matter of months. The question is, what artist is up next to make the same stride this year?

It’s almost impossible to predict exactly when, and where the next artist will make his/her music debut, but we’ve put together our list of up-and-coming rappers who¬†we think are worth your time in the coming months. You can find these artist making their way to the top of our top 100 Music charts, including one of our picks who goes by the name “Champ Modeerf” (Last name is Freedom spelled backwards).

Champ is definitely an artist in his own write. His style isn’t like other artist, which makes his storytelling even more intriguing. Shy with a big appetite to claim his rightful place on the music industry thrown. You can look forward to hearing his name ringing in the streets.

“The Rite”

Out Now! Available All Digital Platforms.

Rap doesn’t just start, and start with Champ, his brother also has skillz, but we’re going to make you guys wait until we get our exclusive from his brother. We don’t want you to take our word for it, just be patient his brother is definitely up next.

Champ with his big bro “Mr Grey hair Don’t Care”

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